About Us

Whatcom County’s premier networking group has been connecting businesses since 1988. Those of us who are members have identified multiple benefits in belonging not just to a “leads” club, but to a networking group. Let us share our perspective.

Why Join Connections

Ongoing Relationships

Even when members leave the group, the relationship often continues, yielding benefits that are ongoing.


Our focus is on building the trust to confidently refer a good client to another member.

Community Resources

We have each other as dependable resources for our business and personal needs.

Chamber of Commerce Membership

Our membership provides access to the Chamber networking opportunities.


Each member has regular opportunities to share his or her business and ideas with the group.

Display Booth

Our professional display booth is available for the use of our members.

Social Events

Whether organized events or informal lunches, these voluntary activities build stronger connections and trust.

No Pressure

If trust and respect are earned, leads will come.


We accept just one representative of each business type.

Steps to Membership:

  1. Attend three consecutive meetings
  2. Get an application from the secretary at the second meeting
  3. Turn in the application and give a three-minute presentation at the third meeting
  4. The prospective member does not attend the fourth meeting, when the club will vote.

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Every Thursday
7:30am - 8:30am

BIAWC Building
1650 Baker Creek Pl.
Bellingham, WA 98226

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