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Grow Your Network and Expand Your Business
In a small community your network and reputation is everything. We created Connections to give members of our community a platform to easily improve businesses community involvement. Our members are committed to provide guidance for your business needs and ideas.
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What's In It For You?

Social Events
We plan multiple different types of formal and informal events throughout the year. These events help you learn more about your peers and build stronger connections.
Professional Presentations
During weekly meetings our members have an opportunity to present business ideas and strategies with the group. Listen to industry leaders across Bellingham talk about their future plans and hear about whats helping them excel.
Our group ensures that your voice is heard. We only allow one representative from each business type. Feel comfortable sharing your ideas and getting unbiased feedback.

Steps to become a Connections member

1. Attend 3 consecutive meetings.

2. Get an Application from the secretary at the 2nd meeting.

3. Submit your application at the 3rd meeting.

4. At the 4th meeting, the group will vote based on your presentation and interaction with other members.