Tom Allen

Blackburn Office

4071 Hannegan Rd, Suite Q, Bellingham, WA • 98226


Blackburn Office Equipment offers quality office solutions and exceptional service to our customers throughout northwest Washington. We can help you clarify your goals and define your particular needs for interior furnishings for your business. Whether you’re starting a new business, doing a redesign, or just in need of a new chair or copier, we can help you make sure that all elements will blend together, allowing your office to run efficiently and effectively. The physical environment you choose is a visual representation of who you are and what you value. We can help you create a space that improves communication and encourages innovation Our sales consultants can help you determine precisely what you need. A well-designed workspace increases productivity, not only through fresh, functional furniture, but also with the most advanced imaging technology available. We excel at providing solutions and service, not merely products. Knowledge of your business and buying history combined with awareness of new products enables us to anticipate and satisfy your needs. Our job is helping you get your job done.

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